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Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland

Walk this Way... the footsteps of Saints and Kings, and the magic spell of Scotland’s only mainland island will capture your imagination, as it has other visitors for thousands of years.

Locally Caught SeafoodMany have tried to keep Kintyre for themselves, but the beauty of Kintyre is a secret that just cannot be kept. A scenic trail indeed, easy to follow, yet with countless quiet corners to delight the eye, in which to re-charge your batteries for the hectic world outside.

On the dramatic Atlantic Seaboard of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands, a temperate climate fed by the warmth of the North Atlantic drift makes Kintyre an all year round destination, with a quality of scenery matched by a choice of accommodation to suit all tastes.

The food is world renowned, especially the locally caught seafood, Campbeltown cheeses and the beef and lamb produced in the lush farmland coveted by so many invaders. Whisky Making in Kintyre

Todays local whisky follows tradition claimed by some to go back to Saint Columba himself, who, it is rumoured, first distilled “The water of life” - Uisge bheatha - here. From being the cradle of Whisky making, Kintyre became its capital too, with a distilling industry growing from a few illicit stills to 34 distilleries producing nearly 2 million gallons of whisky a year; the song “Campbeltown Loch, I wish you were whisky...” was never far from the truth!

Whether you arrive by Road, Ferry or Air, and follow it by Car, Cycle or on Foot, the Kintyre Trail will enchant you. When you are long back in the outside world, you will find yourself day-dreaming of the land of Saints and Kings, sunsets and seascapes... ...Welcome to Kintyre!